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Welcome to the digital world of Life Body Naturals! We are a family dedicated to helping you heal in the way that Mother Earth intended, as well as assisting in bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual world. LBN was originally birthed as a product of my family's needs. From a very young age, this sparked a passion to help them break prescription drug habits and steroid use. In conventional medicine, some doctors will admit that these things make you comfortable. However, they do not heal the root cause of your problems. Prescription drugs and steroids do not promote healing in anyway. Once sick, so many of us are given things that only treat our symptoms but don't target the illness itself. That is where sustainably sourced natural medicine and energetic healing comes into play.

Life Body Naturals

Balance is Key
Tanya Scott

Tanya Scott

Professional Herbalist and Energetic Nutritionist

Bridging the Gap

Balance is key!

Staying on top of our health in a balanced way is essential! It's even more important to be open and aware to the energetic/emotional (energy in motion) side of healing. Love is the most powerful energy we all cultivate. When we stay open and bring conscious awareness to the role our energy plays, as well as the importance of consuming the right herbs and foods that contain the vitamins and minerals we need, that's when we can fully witness our own healing.


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