Do you have anything for weight loss?

We do not have a product designed specifically for weightloss. But our solar fusion is designed to help balance the digestive system, where a lot of weight problems can come into play. when our system isn't functioning properly, it cause bodies hold on fat and toxins.

Do any of your infusions help with eczema?

Bones in Harmony, Solar Fusion, Willows Brew, and Immunitea are herbal infusions that provide the body what it needs internally in order to combat eczema from the inside out. Making sure your body gets the nutrients it needs and keeping your digestive and immune system on track are all important factors when dealing with eczema.

Do you have anything for migraines and headaches?

We do not have anything specifically designed for migraine headaches, but Bones in Harmony taken when a headache is starting has been known to stop it from getting worst.

Do you have anything to help with cancer?

We do not have anything specifically designed for the treatment of cancer. Immunitea can be used to strengthen the immune system with the OK given from your health care provider that its ingredients won't counteract with any medications or treatments that are already being used.

Do your infusions help with arthritis and inflammatory issues?

Yes, Bones in Harmony and Willows Brew were created for skeletal and muscular system health. They work better over time as well as incorporating clean eating.

Do you have anything to strengthen the immue system?

Yes, our Immunitea consists of strengthening herbs.


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